Conferences and Schools

Date Meeting Location
Oct 19-21 2016 Kick-off meeting Yale
Dec 14-16 2016 Project Meeting: Exact SUSY Operator Algebras Perimeter
Jan 9-13 2017 Project Meeting: S-matrix Bootstrap EPFL
Mar 1-4 2017 Project Meeting: Numerical Bootstrap Princeton
Mar 9-10 2017 Project Meeting: Bootstrap and Quantum Gravity Johns Hopkins
May 15-June 16 2017 Yearly Collaboration Workshop and School São Paulo, Brazil
Nov 6-8, 2017 Project Meeting: SUSY Bootstrap SCGP, Stony Brook
Nov 9-10, 2017 Annual Simons Foundation Meeting Simons Foundation, New York
Jan 2018 Project Meeting: Hamiltonian Truncation CERN
Apr 2018 Project Meeting: Analytical Approaches Azores
July 2-27, 2018 Yearly Collaboration Workshop and School Caltech
May-June 2019 Yearly Collaboration Workshop and School Oxford
May-June 2020 Yearly Collaboration Workshop and School Boston

Online collaboration seminars

Date & Time Speaker Title
Jan 18, 2017, 12pm (noon) Eastern Time Dalimil Mazac (Perimeter) Analytic Functionals for the Conformal Bootstrap and Flat Space Scattering
Feb 15, 2017 Martin Kruczenski (Purdue University) Loop Equations and bootstrap methods in the lattice
Apr 19, 2017 Riccardo Rattazzi (EPFL) Conformal superfluids and CFT data


A goal of our collaboration is to produce freely available software for bootstrap-related calculations. A list of currently available software packages is below. Some of these packages can be found at the collaboration repository. (Please let a collaboration member know if you would like to add your package to this list.)